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Apokalipsa - International body transport

¯ytnia 13
01-014 Warsaw

phone: (+48 22) 862 54 71
fax: (+48 22) 862 54 72
We have been operating on the market of international funeral services for over fifteen years. Thanks to amazing care and solidarity in our attitude towards painful and difficult matters we are dealing with we gained recognition and reputation both at home and abroad.

# "Coach accident in Peru"- 6 people perished

# "Tragic end of Polish pilgrimage in Hungary"- 20 people perished

# "Coach accident with Polish children in Romania" - 6 people perished

# "Collision of two plains at The Boden Lake"- we transported 4 people

Tragedies of families hide behind these dramatic newspaper headlines. Without doubt these families suffer less when they know that Insurance Agencies and Consular Departments cooperate with experts from APOKALIPSA company which lead repatriate action of their beloved...
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