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King Treasure Co., Ltd

No 5. Sec 5. Sinyi Rd.
4G01 Taipei

phone: 886-2-27251229
fax: 886-2-27252965
In the Central Mountain Ridge of Taiwan, Hualien, there is an abundant deposit of various kinds of jade suitable for carving into some art items. In 1973, we established a plant at Hualien to explore and mine the green jade having the veins similar to those of snakes. We have made out the seven color jade stones and some beautiful vases, which, since the introduction on the market, have greatly appealed to the people from various countries because of the shapes and the attractive colors. We have invented a special technique of processing which has been patented with the Bureau of Standards for a period. We have participated in many exhibits and the items we made have been awarded by the Chinese Cultural Renaissance Commission, Reconstruction Department of the Taiwan. Provincial Government and the China External Trade Development council. With our strenuous efforts in the past few years, we have made out of black jade and blue jade stones vases, which are seldom seen in the world.
We have professional designers and products maker. We can offer you our catalog which lists all items of our products. We do retail, wholesale and export business. If you are interested in our products, please write an e-mail to us and then we will send you our catalog. Thank you very much.
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