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MESTO Mirosław Cichorz

Cmentarna 23
22-420 Skierbieszów

phone: 0048 84 621 36 67
fax: 0048 84 621 36 67
''Mesto'' company is specialized In coffin production. It was founded in
1986 by Mirosław Cichorz, who began his business in a small workshop with
one worker only. Hard-working and mastering his job provided Mirosław
Cichorz to the present success.
The home-office of the company and its workshop are in Skierbieszów, a
place situated in the south-east of Poland, in Lublin voivod, not far from
The workers of the company are its real proud. They represent the creative
team. That is why the company MESTO pays special attention to creating good
relations among the workers so that they feel better in their work.
Our workers have got good qualifications and big experience. MESTO demands
high level work which influences on the quality of our products.
Modern equipment and qualified team help us to realize our motto: ''with
passion to coffins'' which shows the care about the smallest piece and
beloved of perfection. Those are the rules which are followed by us from
the very beginning. Our offer contains a lot of different coffin in wide
range of colours.
The wood which dominates in our production is an oak but we also produce
coffins made of pine, poplar, ash and others.
We are able to realize every order, even the most complicated one.
We invite you to cooperate with us

Miroslaw Cichorz
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